Form Pigeons

Gier Pigeons

french pigeons
GİER pigeons de forme

Gier Pigeon ;

also known by the name: giertauben , Гирский голубь – is a variety derived from Gier Valley, a region located between Lyon and Saint Etienne (Francis), which is known to have been developed since the early 20th century. The variety classified into this type of utility form pigeons, is believed to be the result of a cross-breeding between the French Bagdad race , homer and the French Tumbler. At first, this variety was solely designated as broiler pigeon, but later became a popular display pigeon. This variety also has good flying ability.

Gier Overall impression:

Strong pigeon with a body weight of 650 to 700 g. Slightly sloping posture, relatively slim neck and high stance, not too long back. Head; Medium sized, well rounded, smooth, forehead and beak form a slight angle Eyes: Orange-red

form pigeons
gier pigeons
french formpigeons - utility pigeons
pigeons gier

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