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Field Pigeon Clean Legged

Field Pigeon
Field Pigeon clean legged


Field Pigeon – also known by names: De Biset Couleur, Feldfarbentaube, Campagnolo di Colón, Полевой голубь – are varieties originating in Saxony and Thuringia (Germany) known since the 1920s according to some records. Varieties of this type of color are initially very popular as they are grown in agricultural areas. Overall this variety is a great aviator, but in recent developments it has been designed more as a show pigeon.

Along with the Münsterland field pigeons, the field pigeons of the same name are an ancient German breed.

Based on the field pigeon ancestry, it is monochrome with white wing markings typical of the breed, like the rock pigeon, as bond or scale. The colors black, red, yellow, isabel, blue and light blue, Andalusian and brown are recognized by FFT.

pigeons - couleur
Biset de couleur
Feldfarbentaube glattfüssig

field  - saxon - colour - clean legged

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