Owl Pigeons

Bulgarian Shield Owl ( Balgarska schtschnitna tschajka )

bulgarian owl pigeons

The Bulgarian Shield Owl Pigeons– also known by the names: Cravaté Bulgare, Bulgarisches Schildmövchen, Bulgarian Cravattato, Bulgarian Shtitna Chaika, Болгарский щит Сова – are varieties developed in Bulgaria, but by some breeders thought to have originated from Old Egyptian pigeon races and Asia that is now likely to be extinct. No information has been found since when this pigeon was developed, only estimated at the beginning of the 17th century. Through an ongoing selection process, varieties belonging to this Owl pigeons type finally get their current shape. other breeds: bulgarian pigeons

schtschnitna tschajka
Balgarska schtschnitna tschajka
Bulgarian Shield Owl
Bulgarisches Schildmövchen

Cravaté Bulgare

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