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Thuringian White Tail ( Thüringer Weißschwanz )

Thuringian pigeons - white tail
Thuringian White Tail

The Thuringian Whitetail pigeons– also known by the names: Queue Blanche de Thuringe, Thüringer Weißschwanz, Coda Bianca di Turingia, Тюрингский Белохвостый – are varieties originating from the Thuringia region of Germany, but no information has been found since when developed (estimated between the 1800s and 1900s). This variety is quite popular among breeders and fanciers, has been widely farmed in Germany, as well as in some countries in Europe and in other continents. Varieties incorporated into this type of colour pigeons are known to have good flying skills, but the beauty of appearance still remains a major goal in its development.

Thuringian pigeons
Thuringian White Tail pigeons
Thüringer Weißschwanz
Queue blanche de Thuringe

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