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Argovien White Tail

Aargauer Weißschwanz

Aargauer Weißschwanz

The Argovien Whitetail (Aargau Whitetail) – also known by the names: Argovien à Queue Blanche, Aargauer Weißschwanz, Argoviese a Coda Bianca, Бернский белохвостый – began bred since the mid-19th century, in Aargau, Switzerland (Switzerland) which is marked with a pointy crest and the tail is always white (as the name implies: whitetail), and has long feathers on the feet (muffed). This variety is included in type Color Pigeons.

Bred in the Canton of Aargau in the Middle of the 1900’s from Zurich Whitetails, Swiss Peak-Crested and Saxon Whitetails. This is the only truly ‘Muffed’ Breed in the Swiss Group and belongs to none of the Sub-Groups, although has a superficial resem.

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Argovien à queue blanche

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