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Silesian Colourhead ( Slezský barevnohlávek )

Silesian Colourhead pigeons - form pigeons
Silesian Colourhead

The Silesian Colourhead Pigeons– also known by the names: Tête Colorée de Silésie, Schlesischer Farbenkopf, Bavaglino Colorato di Slesia, Силезский Цветноголовый – are varieties originating from Silesia and Bohemia (Czech), but there is absolutely no explanatory notes since when these varieties began to be developed, only mentioned as one of the ancient races. Varieties belonging to this type of utility form pigeons, it is stated still rare, there is even a note that informs that this variety is in danger of extinction. Today, these varieties are being developed in Moravia and other cities. Have good flying skills, but appearances seem to get more attention from breeders.

Schlesischer tauben
Schlesischer Farbenkopf
Tête colorée de Silésie
Slezský barevnohlávek

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