Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Reversewing Cropper Type Pigeons



Reversewing Cropper Pigeons – also known by names: Boulant de Saxe Pie, Verkehrtflügelkröpfer, Gozzuto Pica in Sassonia, ОбратныйкрылоДутыш – are varieties originating from Germany, especially from Saxony and Thuringia, informed since 1880, but under development intensive after the early 1900s, and is thought to be the result of cross-breeding between Old German Cropper and Dutch Cropper. Varieties belonging to this type of cropper are now very popular, widely farmed in various countries in Europe, including in America. These varieties are basically flying dapagt, but now fully only for displays.

pouter pigeons
Reversewing Cropper pigeons
cropper - pigeons - yellow pigeons
Reversewing Cropper – verkehrtflügelkröpfer
kröpfer tauben
Boulant pigeons
Boulant de Saxe pie

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