Trumpeter Pigeons

Thailand Laugher Pigeons

trumpeter white pigeons
laugher arabian trumpeter

Thai Laugher fancy pigeons – or also known as: Thai Laugher, Laugher, Kwock Knock – is a variety that originates from the city of Mecca (Saudi Arabia), then this variety spreads to various places in the world, including Asia (including Thailand) because it was brought by Islamic pilgrims, and was first entered into the United States (from Bangkok) in 1957. Now, varieties classified into this Trumpeter type – possibly having blood relations with the Arabian Trumpeter – are very rare (even some breeders still question the existence of this variety, is doubtful because it has never witnessed itself). This variety has good flying skills, looks simple, but has a unique and interesting sound. Polish name ( Turkot Śmieszek syjamski )

trumpeter pigeons
thai laugher
arabian pigeons
arabian kwock knock pigeons

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