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colom flamenca

Colom Flamenca

Spain Flamenca – or also known by the names: Spanish Flamenco Dove, Flamenca, Spanische Flamenca-Taube, Испанский Голубь-Фламенка – is a variety that originated in Spain, which is one of the ancient races developed in the Iberian Peninsula, but has not been found record since when it began to be developed (only estimated possibilities since the 18th century or earlier). Varieties classified as Wattle type, are somewhat less popular, especially outside their home countries. Even the publication of the existence of this variety is still very lacking, let alone globally. This variety is known to fly well, but it seems that the unique appearance is more of a concern. Can fly well, but in a short duration.

wattle pigeons
spain flemanca
Spanische Flamenca-Taube