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cauchois pigeons

Cauchois pigeon – also known by the name Какоис – is a variety derived from Caux, Normandy (Francis) and is reported to have been in development since the 1700s. Cauchois are classified as utility pigeons, it is an Old French breed from Caux de Normandie bred from French Croppers, Mondain, Carneau and field Pigeons.

The Cauchois is larger than the average pigeon, but not as large as the Runt and not as heavy as the Gros Mondain. Cauchoiss are viviparous pigeons and weigh around 700 to 800 grams and have rather long bodies with an upright stance. This variety is now very popular and spreading in many countries and was developed specifically for appearance purposes.

cauhois pigeon - form pigeons
cauchois tauben
giant pigeons - Cauchois Pigeons
cuchois giant pigeons
black pigeons
cauchois black pigeons
cauchois pigeons
pigeons cauchois
cauchois red barred
red cauchois
cauchois red
cauchois tauben
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