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Cauchois Pigeons

cauchois giant form pigeons
cauchois pigeons

The Cauchois pigeon – also known by the name: Какоис – is a variety derived from Caux, Normandy (Francis), informed that it began to be developed since the 1700s. Varieties are classified into this type of utility form pigeons, originally as broiler pigeon for feeding – as well as Mondain and Carneau, but in the later phases turn into cloves of clangenan. This variety is now very popular, spread and developed in many countries, especially for the purpose of appearance.

cauhois pigeon - form pigeons
cauchois tauben
giant pigeons
cuchois giant pigeons
black pigeons
cauchois black pigeons
cauchois pigeons
pigeons cauchois
cauchois red barred
red cauchois
cauchois red
cauchois tauben
cauchois tauben blue

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