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Colom d ‘ Enreixat

The Chorrera pigeons – also known by names:  Chorrera-Taube, Чоррера – a variety that some thought to be from Germany, although some breeders believe it to be a Spanish race pigeon, which began to be developed since the 1800s. Now, the variety belonging to the Structure type is widely cultivated in Catalonia, in the Mediterranean Sea and the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), which in Catalan is called “Colom d’Enreixat”. Spain has been breeding and trending this variety for almost 200 years – making it more appropriate to be considered a Spanish pigeon. It has also been bred in several other countries in Europe, or in other continents. It is estimated that this variety has a very close relationship with the Chinese Owl.

pigeons - structure
chorrera pigeons
tauben - strukturtauben
chorrera tauben
pigeons - structure
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