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Nas De XoT Spanish Pigeons

The nas of xot pigeons ; Originally from the Balearic Islands, especially from the island of Mallorca. This fact led to the extinction of some of the...

fillo pigeons - flying - damascane
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Shafra Pigeon species

Shafra pigeons breeds ; Fleet race. It is a hybrid race thought to have been obtained as a result of the breaking of istanbullu ( Damascane ) and...

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Mewerdi Dewlap Pigeons

Meverdi Dewlap – or also known by the names: Mawardi, Mevrendi, Merde – is a variety originating from Turkey, especially in the Anatolian...

Trumpeter Pigeons

Russian Trumpeter Pigeons

Русский бараба́нщик Russian trumpeter/ Turkot (Ukrainian) is an aboriginal breed of pigeons in the south of Russia and Ukraine. Belongs to a group of...