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Franconian Bagdad Pigeons

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Franconian Bagdad

Fränkische Bagdette

Franconian Bagdad – also known by names: Bagadais de Franconie, Fränkische Bagdette, Bagadese in Franconia, Франконский багдет – is a variety derived from Franconia (Germany), which is known to be developed and recognized since 1951. Varieties belonging to the type This Wattle is a popular variety both in its home region and in some other countries in Europe. This variety has good flying ability, but in recent decades more directed as pigeon displays.Via Other breeds Scandaroon ( Nürnberger Bagdette )

Fränkische Bagdette
birds - israel pigeon - burung merpati cantik
Bagadais de Franconie

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