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Benesov Pigeon

Benesov Pigeon - form pigeons - yellow pigeons
Benesov Pigeon

Benešovský holub

Benesov Pigeon ornamental pigeons – also known by the names: Pigeon de Benesov, Beneschauer Taube, Colombo in Benesov, Бенешовский голубь – the varieties developed in Bohemia (Czech, or first Cekoslawakia), and classified into types utility form pigeons. Attractive ornamental pigeons have been recognized since 1947. The development of this variety originally as the pigeon pieces / broiler.

Benesov pigeon looks like a field pigeon. Birds of this breed have a very beautiful neck and chest and their back is clearly curved. In 1947 the Beneszów pigeons, the Benešov pigeon and the Benešov ridge “Benešák”, a domestic breed originating in the Czech Republic, were recognized as a separate breed. It was created as a one-sided utility pigeon for free breeding, but over time the features of feathers’ appearance and color were emphasized, and breeding for benefit went into the background.

The Benesov pigeon was bred in the Benesov region in the 1930s and 1940s. The Moravian strasser was used to create the Coburg lark and polish lynx breeds. It was first recognized as Beneš’s pigeon in 1947 under the name Benešov hryvnia in 1948.

The feathers are well tied. It behaves only in a straight line drawing. The original color was blue, then white, other color traits were obtained by crossing with a Moravian ostrich, then inherited the Beneš pigeon with sufficiently bright and rich feathers, and then crossed with a king pigeon.

czech pigeons - form pigeons - blue pigeons
benesov blue
Pigeon de Benesov - forme pigeons
Pigeon de Benesov
Beneschauer Taube - formentauben blanc
Beneschauer Taube


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