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Moravsky Pstros - moravian strasser - czech pigeons
Moravsky Pstros

Moravský pštros

The Moravian Strasser Pigeon – also known by the names: Strasser de Moravie, Mährischer Strasser, Strasser in Moravia, Моравский штрассер – is a varietal originating from Moravia (Czech, Czechoslovakia), which was known to be developed in 1840, and is known as “Czech Strasser“. Varieties belonging to this type of utility form pigeons are obtained through the crossing of several races, including Florentine and pouter races. It’s quite popular for fanciers in European countries. It used to have potential as a broiler pigeon, but now, this variety is more developed for appearance.

Its fur is short and fits well. It has a typical drawing called hen pigeons gazzi, but in the Czech Republic it is often referred to as the hen type drawing. The most common features of the Moravian strasser are black, blue, red, and yellow.

The ideal weight of adult pigeons is 700–750 g, even for journeys the minimum weight is 550 g, the maximum weight is 800 g.

Mährischer Strasser
Mährischer Strasser
moravian strasser
pigeons form
moravian strasser pigeons
Strasser de Moravie
Strasser de Moravie

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