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Bavarian Cropper Pigeons

cropper pigeons
Bavarian Cropper

Bayrischer Kröpfer

The Bavarian Cropper – also known by its name: Boulant de Bavière, Bayrischer Kröpfer, Gozzuto di Baviera, Баварский дутыш – Karl Zausinger, known since 1955 and 1965, 20 Bohemian pigeons, including many Pomeranian and English pouters, began to mate in 1956. After six years of breeding and about 12 generations, the first Bavarian Kröpfer was presented at the Bavarian State Show in Munich in 1961. Medium (or small) body, elegant, erect appearance, relatively long legs full of very heavy hair (the ring affects the size of the foot). The body is smaller and thinner than the Reverse Sew Trimmer. The German National Pigeon Association officially recognized this variety only in 1962.

Kröpfer tauben
Bayrischer Kröpfer
Boulant - pigeons
Boulant de Bavière